Playstation 3 Gamesonic Manager v3.92 Released

Today developer Orion has released a new version of Gamesonic Manager. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Added Support for CFW 4.80 4.80 DEX-DEH-DEH-4.78 4.60 4.60 DEX-DEH-DEH 3.55 (Thanks to developer Joonie)
- Added Support for playback of mp3 and ogg files as background music (Thanks aldostools)
- Introduced CFW recognition code that will recognize which mounted CFW:
Rebug (Any Version)
Habib (Any Version)
Rogero (Any Version)
PS3ITA (Any Version)
Ferrox (the 4.80 version only)
- System Manager rebuilt and made more stable plugin
- Now In the system information is visible id console

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