PS3 Iris Manager v2.68U BETA Released

Quote (Alexander):
2.68 u Version in beta testing for all our users forum. Although being in beta, this version works very well, so don't be afraid to have crash or whatever. We decided to download this beta version, because we still have much work to be done and time is very short. For now enjoy this slice of Homebrew. Sincere thanks to the PS3 scene, having read many positive reviews on both our Homebrew Ferrox on. Thanks again!

The Homebrew obviously is in testing (beta), described here in the thread the various problems related to an incorrect boot and or any other kind of problem.

- Added Arabic language (thanks to Haider Kiara)
- Automatic language Recognition (beta)
- Archive Manager (Italian translation) included in "2.68 Version u-i" (beta)
- ControlFan Utility (Italian translation) included in "2.68 Version u-i"
- Removed the Persian language (Due to poor translation, it was pointless to include it. Will be adapted later if some users kindly will result. )
- DISCLESS pre-PAYLOAD Mode enabled (Fake BD) to CFW's 355/430/446
- New system colors (Background Style)
(Deep Ruby)
(Ocean Color)

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