How to Make Leaked PSN Version of Grand Theft Auto V Work and Launch from XMB

What is up guys? Today I bring you an exciting tutorial on how to get that Early PSN version of Grand Theft Auto V to work from launch on XMB.

1) Download the GTA V Early.pkg that comes in at 17.8GB. Download Link Here
2) Extract PSN pkg using the Windows Tool PKGView. Extract to desktop.
3) Rename folder to BLES01807
4) Replace eboot.bin,param.sfo from the early release
5) Delete TROPDIR and replace TROPDIR from the early release
6) Delete DRMDIR
7) Delete common.edat and paste common.rpf in the same dir from the early release
8) Copy LICDIR from this release

Hope this helps. You still need to download both the PSN Version which is 17.8GB and the full release which is another 17.8GB or you can ask someone to send you the needed files to make it launch on XMB.

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