PS3 910D0 All in One Nintendo Emulator Released

Today a developer by the name athen5cl0ne has posted a release of a emulator that can push out all Nintendo Consoles. This emulator can allow your PS3 to play NES, SNES, Gamecube, Wii, Regular DS and the New Nintendo 3DS games. While I had thought it was a fake for april fools but it turns out to be a real unsigned package that allows you to play other consoles. You should know that it is still in Beta and testers were chosen to hopefully get it running at its full potential. Check out the user's Guide.pdf and the download package below. 

v0.1 Initial Beta Release - Testers Needed 

PS Move required for certain Wii games, and all DS and 3DS games. 
- 3D Enabled TV required to use 3D effect on 3DS games.

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