How to Steal iP Address of Skype Contact

Some anonymous user made a comment with a link to an interesting text. I tested this stuff and it really works.

Skype user IP-address disclosure

1. Download this patched version of Skype 5.5

2. Turn on debug-log file creation via adding a few registry keys. Check it out here

3. Make "add a Skype contact" action, but do not send add request, just click on the user to view his vcard.

4. Have a look at the log file to find the desired skypename. The record will be like this for real user ip: -r195.100.213.25:31101 And like this for user internal network card ip: -l172.10.5.17

21:16:45.818 | T#3668 PresenceManager: | noticing skypetestuser1 0x3e54a539a91a19fc-s-s65.55.223.23:40013-r195.100.213.25:31101-l172 .10.5.17:22960 23d23109 82f328ff

5. Catch that skype user via whois service

6. Plug in their IP Address into the service to receive information.

The mentioned steps will help you to get the following information about a skype user: City, Country, Internet provider and internal user ip-address. Now, you can troll him about CIA and Mossad, he-he.

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