[PSVITA] pSNES v1.2 Released

Today developer Cpasjuste has released a new version of pSNES v1.2 for the Playstation Vita. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
remove "db.xml" dependency, remove the file to do so (you can still use it for a better experience).
add high resolution support (fix Secret Of Mana menus, - Kirby 3 water, Yoshi Island...)
add/fix Super FX (Star Fox still have some graphical glitches)
add video filters (TV2X, SMOOTH, SUPEREAGLE, 2XSAI, SUPER2XSAI, EPX, HQ2X). Some filter will slow down some games.
fix a crash in unzip functions (when multiples roms are loaded)
major speed improvement
fix per rom config applied to all roms
print snes9x messages to screen
add 2 players capability (untested)
add single joycon mode: enable SINGLE_JOYCONS in options, (+) or (-) now send (start+select), (+) or (-) + R send menu key (todo: find a better solution)
sort rom list alphabetically
fix (+) and (-) keys inverted in config menu
improve preview box
add switch buttons images in options
and more changes/fixes i can't remember...
Download Here

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