Playstation 3 Game Manager v0.42c Released

Today developer francesco2013 has released a new version of Playstation 3 Game manager. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- Fixed issues with the latest version of webMAN MOD 10.45.02. Now the monitoring works again perfectly.
- Automatized the configuration of an external USB drive for Game Data that is now detected automatically by PS3 Games Manager.
- Overall important performance boosts and minor bug fixes.

Feature List:
Automatic recognition of the game ISO fle and automatic download of the CD cover and all the game details from Metacritic (Game name, Release date, Score, Description, Publisher, Developer, Category)
Very nice web graphic interface and extremely easy to use.
Mobile access fully working in PORTRAIT mode. This is tested on a Samsung Galaxy (S5, S7, Tab), iPhones (4, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7, 7 plus), iPad Air.
Launch and Umount games straight from the web interface.
Reboot and Shutdown the PS3 from the web interface.
Enable disable game data for external USB drive connected to the PS3.
Real Time Monitoring of the following values:
PS3 Uptime, Game Currently Mounted, Actual Playing Time, webMAN Version, PS3 Firmware Version, PS3 Free Memory, CPU temp, Internal PS3 hd free space, USB external PS3 hd free space, Total number of games ISOs added. Automatically keeps track of the amount of time you play a game and count each time adding a IOS style badge to the CD cover displayed on the web page search results. It also keep track of the total time (hours, minutes, seconds) a game is being played.
Ajax js interface to search for game name, description, category, publisher, developer in real time.
Order results by Metacritic Score, Last played Games, Date Added Games, Games Never Played Yet, Name and Random selection.
Easy configuration and installation.
Voice recognition (English only so far).
PS3NetSrv is pre-installed and pre-configured.
PHPMyAdmin is pre-installed and pre-configured. This comes very handy when a user wants to modify the game details and make some corrections.

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