Playstation 3 PS3P PKG Ripper V1.0 Released

Today developer Rudi Rastelli has released a new PC tool that allows for the downloaded user to extract PKGs of any size. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.
Hi !

May be a little late... but here's a little Xmas gift for the community:

@mathieulh, @Mysis, @Ifcaro, @No0bZiLLa

Supports PS3-, PSP-, PS1/PS2-Classic-, DLC-, Minis-, Avatar-, Theme-PKGs
Supports Retail- and Debug-PKGs
Supports PKGs of any size
Extracts whole PKG
Extracts selectable single files and/or directory's
Progress Output (Overall/File)
Lists contents of a PKG with size of files
Changeable output directory
Optimized for speed
Optional GUI included
Source code included
Doesn't need any DLL's or any installed runtimes

Wanna say THX to
@mathieulh, @Mysis - I've learned a lot from their sources
@Ifcaro - From his 'PKGView' I've learned how to handle Debug-PKGs
@No0bZiLLa - For testing


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