PS3 Hishamage CFW 4.65 CEX Released

Today developer Hishamage has released a new CEX CFW 4.65 to bring to the community. Check out the features and the download link provided below.

- Made Out Of 4.65 OFW
- Install Pkg Files & App_Home Added
- Patched Lv0 ECDSA Checks
- Patched LV1,LV2 Disable Protection & Add Peek And Poke Support
- Reactpsn Compatibility + Online/Offline
- It Can Run Games Signed Up To 4.65
- Can Be Updated Over Any CFW & OFW 3.55
- Better System Stability
- PSP Remaster Support Added
- QA Flag Enabled If Already Enabled On Previous CFW

By installing you agree to void your warranty and endure the risk of bricking your console

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