PS3 KLicensee Bruteforcer v2.00 Released

Today developer JjKkYu has released a new version of his pc command tool KLicensee Bruteforcer. Check out  the changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes:

Hi, Mates
I have update the DevKlic Bruteforcer to v2.0, since it now supports self/sprx, so I rename the tool.

1. Support bruteforce klic for self/sprx files.
2. Add text mode for binary source file.
3. Fix last line bug in line mode.

This tool is based on EDAT DevKlic Validator by @BuC

And great thanks to @catalinnc for his help in adding self and text mode support.
Some klic for certain games are still hidden, I do not know how it is stored in EBOOT.
If someone can give some clue, it will be helpful to improve the tool

Tekken Revolution
Eiyuu Densetsu - Sen no Kiseki
Beyond Two Souls

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