PS3 webMan v1.16 Released

Today developer Dean K, famous for his backup manager MultiMAN, has updated his plugin that allows the downloaded user to mount games directly from XMB, mount games from devices, run a background FTP and a remote access file manager. Check out the changelog and the download link provided below.

- If you start the PS3 with no ps3netsrv running it should still load your local games under "My Games"
- After a local PS3 .ISO is loaded at least once, its param.sfo & icon0.png are cached in wmtmp folder - on next reboot the ps3 iso games will have the correct names. If you don't have mM+covers installed you will still see the icon0.png for the ps3 iso games.
- Added [x] Disable FTP service option in SETUP
- Added [x] Disable USB polling option in SETUP
- Game list changed to 4 entries per line
- When mounting PS3/PS2/PSX ISO games and Blu-ray/DVD ISO videos from a browser - the icon/cover will be shown if present
- Network games now show in browser interface
- Local and network games (PS3) will show covers if available
- SETUP options for content scan are now applied to browser interface
- Fixed a major bug, which caused instability for some users with a lot of games/scanned-folders. Update to 1.16 is highly recommended!
- Added CPU/RSX temperature display in browser mode (Celsius and Fahrenheit)

Late edit:
- Added /cpursx.ps3 page with 10 seconds autorefresh, to show current CPU/RSX temperatures:

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