[Playstation 3] UDK ULTIMATE PS3 UPDATE V2 Released

Today developer udkultimate has released a new version of UDK ULTIMATE PS3 UPDATE V2 for the Playstation 3. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I am the lead developer of the UDKUltimate Engine project ( http: //www.logic-sun...017-available/ )

As many of you know, I'm devoting myself to a personal project, a game I develop in UDK Ultimate Engine, that I will soon be posting here trailers and a free demo to download.

So, every time I finished the demo for PC, I started to optimize it for the consoles (XBOX360 and PS3). So, as you may know, I own a PS4 4K model (Super Slim 12GB), the legendary "unshakeable" model, until recently.

Thanks to the efforts of the PS3Xploit team ( http://ps3xploit.com/ ) and many other PS3 scene developers, everyone can now enjoy homebrew games and applications on any PS3 thanks to the installation of PS3HEN (which means Homebrew Enabler).

So, after installing PS3HEN on my PS3, I tried to run my game. It did not work. After investigating and interviewing my friends at PS3 Scene, I learned that I needed to make changes to the resignation process of EBOOT.BIN so he could turn on PS3HEN.

So I did it and I managed to work !!!!! This video, however, presents the UDKUltimate sample set that I included in the UDKUltimate engine download (I want to avoid problems on my game: D). Sorry for the poor quality of this video, it's because I can not capture PS3 footage, I do not have an HDMI capture card, just a crap EasyCap: D: D:D. So I used my old smartphone just to show anyone that it was working and that it was not a false news: D

And nothing more than sharing with everyone this new EBOOT.BIN, so that everyone can now create, play and share their own games on ALL PS3.

Just extract that folder to the main UDKUltimate engine folder (that is, C: \ UDKUltimate) and overwrite it.

This new updated PS3 game template folder already contains the new EBOOT.BIN file. So you still have to follow the procedure to export your game on PS3 (the instructions are the same and are in the folder Docs, file 2- Read Me PS3 Export.txt).

For those who wish to recompile the PS3 source code in Visual Studio, nothing has changed. The only difference is that when using True Ancestor Resigner to renounce EBOOT.BIN, just change the output method to 3.XX STD firmware (instead of 4.XX STD), then follow the normal instructions.

Long live for all and happy to play !!!
Download Here

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