[Nintendo Switch] Switch Backup Manager v1.2.2 Released

Today developer gibaBR has released a new version of Switch Backup Manager v1.2.2 for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
- "Show in explorer" now selects the file
- "Select outdated" now displays a message when NSP files are selected.
- Fixed the interruption of scanning when there are custom XCIs. Close # 104 and close # 117
- Download hactool if it does not already exist
- Add {nsptype} and {filename} to automatic renaming
- Displays the error message on the debug log when keys.txt has duplicate values ​​that prevent the application from working
- Displays the error message on the debug log if the games require a master key not found in keys.txt
- Fixed some NSP basic games that do not read correctly, eg Grand Prix Story
- Fixed a NSP without cnmt.xml marked as NSP converted NCA
MasterKey8 (8.1.0)
- Fixed a basket with firmware update partition above 6.2.0 detected as 6.2.0. Addition of firmware support for the basket update partition up to version 8.1.0
- Added a warning when you try to download the Nintendo Update
- Removed the connection to the tagaya server

Download Here

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