[Nintendo Switch] NSC_BUILDER v0.90 Released

Today developer julesontheroad has released a new version of NSC_BUILDER v0.90 for the Nintendo Switch. Check out the release notes, changelog and the download link provided below.

Release Notes
- Since i've been made aware of several bugs while i was on vacations I decided to release an early v0.90. Several experimental stuff has been added to squirrel but is not available on NSCB yet.

- Bugfixes:
* Fixed another error that prevented the creation of titlerights removed multi-nsps
* Expanded xci trimming functions in indidual mode, after selecting trimming now there is these options:
- Supertrimmer. Removes ending padding, padding between partitions, logo partition, firmware from update partition and content from normal partition. Also removes game updates from the xci but keeps dlc. Respects certificates. Meant for xci installation on tinfoil while keeping file verification
- Supertrimmer respecting updates. Supertrimm that keeps game updates.
- Normal trimming: Removes "FFFF" end padding
- Untrimmer: Adds back "FFFF" end padding
* Fixed dlc naming. Current approach will use the nut json files. The json files are downoaded to the DB folder for speed on demand. The url and refresh time of the json files is controlled by "NUT_DB_TITLES_URL.txt" and "NUT_DB_REGIONS_URL.txt" in zconfig.
The refresh time has 3 parameters, representing hours, minutes and seconds. The defaulted time is 24h for each json used.
Be aware that the json files are downloaded by demand. Titles json will be downloaded for dlc renames and US region for descriptions, genres, etc... The json will only refresh themselves when the refresh period is reached and the json is needed.
* Fixed error in joiner mode
* Fixed false positive in decription verification for the updates included in 5 recent xci which exefs doesn't include a main.npdm.
- Moved korean translation to zconfig\Regional. Paste those files to the main folder if you need that New NSCB functions aren't added yet but fixes made to squirrel will apply to those files.
- Added more information to game-info using information from the nut json files
- Added optional google translation for game descriptions. You can activate\deactivate this option on the program's configuration.
- Added removal of list objects and counters to squirrel to fix the too many arguments in command line" issue that affected some users
- Added more characters to the banned lists on renames
- Added multi-threaded experimental option for renamer and database functions. It increases significantly the speed of the renaming and database operations, specially for virtual disks mounted from google drive (tested till 100 workers using raidrive).
* This option can be activated on the configuration.
Note: Too many workers can mess a little the console prints and need a little work for polished prints.
The writes to text files for the database operations are done on different files and joined after each cycle so they aren't affected.
NOTE: Exe versions while they worked fine don't seem to have the advantage on speed the python versions get it will be analized if it's due to the pyinstaller options used.
- UPCOMING: Next release will take some time, features i'm working on are:
Included permanent database for nsp and xci with search functions,library management functions, autoupdates,... and restore mode.
Download Here

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